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The MS90 multi-sport electronic LED scoreboard is a portable, lightweight scoreboard ideal for indoor or outdoor use. As with all of our electronic scoreboards, the super bright LEDs are visible in direct sunlight, so morning or afternoon games won’t be a problem. The weatherproof fibreglass enclosure allows it to be put outside in inclement weather, and it’s equally comfortable indoors. Very low power consumption allows it to be run on a battery pack which adds to the portability, and with 15+ year life expectancy and low price this is our most cost-effective scoreboard. The optional branding box is a salient feature and you can offset the cost of the scoreboard completely by means of an advertiser or sponsor – and when the display has been paid off you will have a passive income from the advertising revenue.

Display specifications:

  • 1.5 metres wide
  • 0.5 metres high
  • 160mm digit size
  • 90 metre viewing distance
  • Viewable in direct sunlight
  • Light, portable and wall-mountable
  • Weatherproof fibreglass enclosure
  • Enclosure colour can be customised
  • LEDs available in red, white, green, blue or amber
  • Sports include rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, water polo, athletics
  • Can function as a stopwatch or realtime clock
  • Handheld remote control provided (100 metre range)
  • Pays for itself with advertiser/sponsor in optional 1.48m x 0.43m branding box
  • Operates off 220v mains power
  • Technicians in all major centers
  • 12 month warranty with outright purchase
  • 36 month warranty and maintenance plan with rent to own
Shout Electronics Displays have supplied Rondebosch Boys’s High school a number of electronic displays over the last several years. They installed countdown clocks and shot clocks for Water Polo, scoreboards for both Rugby and Cricket. In all our dealings with them, we have been very impressed with the efficiency of installation, the quality of the equipment as well as excellent back up and support they offer.
Gary Endley