The swissQprint Nyala 2 is the successor to the highly acclaimed Nyala wide format printer. With its 3.2 × 2 metre printing table, roll-to-roll feature and a top speed of 206 m²/h our Nyala 2 is a formidable large format printer. Designed for 24/7 use, it is a thoroughbred workhorse and the epitome of printing quality and productivity.

This nimble behemoth goes hand in glove for both advertising signage and industrial applications. The board option makes light work of oversized formats up to 3.2 × 4 metres, and nine colour channels that can be equipped with CMYK, light colours, white, effect varnish, and spot colours. If you want 3D Moire effects, this printer handles it with ease.

swissQprint Nyala 2 large format printer