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Our Queue Control systems are very popular in retail locations that have 5 or more till points, and are very effective at speeding up queue movement. Our systems have an LED display as well as voice prompts, and are scalable to up to 39 paypoints.

Queue Control Module

  • Wireless push buttons for Till operators
  • Customer Voice prompt PLUS visual display of available Till number

Till operator buttons

  • Supervisor CALL button an optional extra
  • Visual arrows can display LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN
  • Pre programmable voice prompts
  • Illuminated Till lights ( optional)
  • Till number cubes
  • Up to 39 paypoints can be controlled
  • Bi-directional Queue control


We can install your Queuing system anywhere in South Africa

Technical support

We have technicians in all major Centres, as well as many outlying areas.

Please view one of the YouTube videos to the left for examples of our queue control systems. To view the video in full screen, double-click on the video while it’s playing, or click the “Full Screen” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video.